“Bee-Engaged: An Average Joe’s Guide to Honey Bees – Why We Need Them and How to Keep Them”

This Bee-Engaged: An Average Joe’s Guide seminar/presentation is perfect for Community Organizations (like Homeowner Associations), Garden Clubs, Senior Centers and even Junior and Senior High School Classes.

In it, the Average Joe Beekeeper covers how and why Honey Bees (and other Pollinators) are important to our entire ecosystem especially for their pollination efforts of our food supply.  He covers the types of plants that you might consider for your garden to support the various types of bees, local sources of “Bee Friendly” plants and and why you might want to reconsider use of pesticides in your garden to “Help Save the Bees”. Finally, Avg. Joe covers some Beekeeping Basics as either a Bee Hive Sponsor, a Bee Hive Host, or Bee-coming a Bee-ginning Beekeeper.

As a result of this seminar most people will come away with a better understanding of the importance of Honey Bees and the many wonders of Mother Nature.

It can be presented In-Person (when COVID Restrictions allow) or Virtually via Zoom. The Seminar usually takes about 75 minutes allocating time for for Questions and Answers after the presentation and interaction during the session but can be reduced in duration to fit the audience.

Normal fee is $75.00.

Average Joe Beekeeper Blogs: Bee-Engaged