Swarms & Structural Removals

What is a Swarm?

A Swarm is the Honey Bee’s means of reproducing the Colony. In the Spring, as a Colony is building up after winter, the Queen and about half of  the bees in the hive will leave to form a new colony. This division is known as a Swarm or Swarming. A swarm normally lands in a bush or on a tree branch. The swarm will “rest” while Scout Bees attempt to find a suitable cavity, such as a hollow tree, to inhabit. A Swarm is usually docile and does not post a real threat to humans even though it may appear intimidating. Swarms are rescued by Beekeepers and usually there is no charge for most Swarm Rescues.  

What is a Structural Removal?

When a Swarm cannot find a natural cavity like a hollow tree to inhabit, they sometimes will find a man-made structure to live in. Once the bees move into a structure and begin building their honeycomb nest it is no longer a Swarm but now a Structural Removal or Extraction.

A Structural Removal/Extraction usually requires a Beekeeper who is also well versed in Construction and Home Repair/Renovation. Structural Removal/Extraction most often requires cutting into walls or eaves/roofs, removing the bees and the comb with honey, cleaning the area and then repairing the structure. This is a very time consuming endeavor and there most likely is a charge for this service. Not removing the bees and cleaning the area could lead to dire consequences and potential infestation by other insects and “varmints”.

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