Beekeepers Debbie & Joe Komperda offer Raw Colorado Honey, various Products from the Hive, Bee-themed merchandise, Hive Inspection and Maintenance Services and Beekeeping Education.  We feature a Blog by the “Average Joe Beekeeper” and we perform Bee Swarm Rescue, limited Structural Removals and Extractions plus Wasp/Hornet Removal Consulting. Our “Shop” Page provides current products, offerings and pricing.

what we do

We carry Products from the Hive along with Bee-Themed Items

Debbie & Joe collect honey, wax and propolis from our hives and turn them into a wide variety of products including Liquid & Comb Honey, Poured Beeswax Candles, Hand Creams, Lip Balms, Soaps, Propolis Tinctures and more! We also have collected a variety of Bee-themed merchandise that can brighten anyone’s day!

We perform Hive Inspections plus Training and Classes

We are regularly hired to inspect other Beekeeper’s hives while educating them during the inspection process. Usually, in an hour or less, we can with you, the Beekeeper, to identify your Colony’s health and progress. We point out what you should look for in your ongoing, recurring inspections; explain some of our techniques to be more efficient with your hive time; and generally provide a wealth of information that could take countless hours to discover on your own.

We provide Colony Management & Hive Maintenance Services

Not only do we manage our own hives but we also manage hives for others.  We can provide full-time hive/colony management services, part-time assistance if you are going to be away for a short period of time or we can work with you on your own hive management practices.

Selected Products & Services

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